Grete Kodi

Strategic management – Network builder – Creative industries and SME

Grete Kodi is a founder and partner at Creativity Lab.


Grete has varied experience in the field of creative industries in Nordic countries and Estonia, especially when it comes to strategic management and building networks between stakeholders from different sectors and backgrounds. She is also experienced initiator and coordinator of international collaborations and projects, as well as supporting collaboration of SME´s in the Nordic and Baltic region.


Since 2007 she has been working at the Nordic Council of Ministers Office in Estonia as network builder between politicians, civil servants, companies, international and national organizations in the field of creative industries in Nordic and Baltic countries. Grete has experience in strategic management by initiating and coordinating several international collaboration projects between the Nordic-Baltic countries and Northwest Russia.

Grete has introduced and initiated joint Nordic food policy in Estonia and enhanced the collaboration in food sector between Nordic countries and Estonia. She participated as the decision maker in the evaluation group in the Nordic-Baltic business and industry mobility program in 2008-2013, having experience in business management and leading international teams.

In addition, Grete is the founder of the NordArt Group that promotes Nordic music and arts in Estonia. She has graduated Tallinn University of Technology and holds MA in Public Administration.